Leonard Fleck, PhD

Professor, Center for Ethics and Humanities

Michigan State University

Leonard M. Fleck, Ph.D. is currently a Professor of Philosophy and Medical Ethics in the Philosophy Dept. (College of Arts and Letters) and in The Center for Ethics and Humanities in the Life Sciences (College of Human Medicine), Michigan State University. He is now in his twenty-sixth year at Michigan State. Prior to MSU he taught for nine years at Indiana University-South Bend, and for five years at St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from St. Louis University in 1975. His bachelor’s degree was from Loyola University (Chicago) in 1966.

Currently, Dr. Fleck’s main areas of teaching and research are medical ethics, health care policy, social and political philosophy. He is the director of the course Social Context of Clinical Decisions required of all medical students in the College of Human Medicine. He has published over eighty articles, either as book chapters or in various professional journals of philosophy and medical ethics. His most recent major research project is a book titled Just Caring: Health Care Rationing and Democratic Deliberation (480 pp.). This was published by Oxford University Press (Feb. 2009). He is co-editor of a volume on ethical issues around bedside rationing, and he is working on a new book about ethical issues related to cutting-edge genetic technologies.

He has directed a number of community education projects around topics of justice and health care policy, including the statewide health reform project “Just Caring: Conflicting Rights, Uncertain Responsibilities (Citizen Forums for Health Reform).” In 1993 he was a member of The White House Task Force on Health Care Reform, specifically, Working Group #17 “The Ethical Foundations of the New Health Care System.”Dr. Fleck was also the director of the community dialogue phase of the six-year NIH Genome project “Genome Technology and Reproduction: Values and Public Policy.” [1995-2002]. Those community dialogues have occurred in seven major Michigan communities. The most recent set of dialogues were aimed at the African American and Hispanic communities. In 2002 Dr. Fleck was elected as a Fellow of the Hastings Center.

In 2003, Dr. Fleck was honored with a University Distinguished Faculty Award by Michigan State University as well as a Distinguished Faculty Award from the College of Human Medicine.