First 1000 Days

Drawing on the growing body of evidence supporting the developmental origins of health and disease, CW and its partners will join with other like-minded philanthropic, governmental, research, and social service organizations in the world to promote and define a forward-looking, global maternal and early childhood health intervention focusing on the First 1,000 day period from conception to baby’s age two—a critically important window in which to positively shape a child’s physical and cognitive development. The potential benefits, which will be secured through an investment in prevention, are profound and far-reaching—in the near term, the child will be better equipped to succeed in school, leading to greater educational and economic attainment, and as an adult, live with minimized risks of developing heart disease, diabetes or other chronic conditions. The promise for The Global Community and its citizens is that health and prosperity increase as the costs to the social welfare, public health, and justice systems are reduced.

Notwithstanding the huge promise of the First 1000 Days intervention, advancing this agenda in a resource-constrained political environment will require a broad and compelling educational component to move the general public and elected representatives to meaningful action. Individuals, businesses, not-for-profit entities and NGO’s are being aligned in their commitment to build on the existing, but not cohesive, good efforts of various groups and will identify all opportunities to advance the integration of “Healthcare for Peace” through the implementation of a First 1000 Days Agenda.