Wellness Algorithm™ facilitated by AWEsome™

Prevention leads to Wellness leads to improved Quality of Life: Nourishment and good nutrition (and exercise) in the womb

“Building a Better Baby”

Reduced birth complications and the potential for healthier babies results as biological programming occurs between the pregnant woman and the fetus during gestation.   A relatively new science known as DOHaD (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease) provides evidence that positive programming achieved during the gestation period, through proper nutrition, regular exercise, metabolic monitoring, and emotional support can result in a healthy baby that is not predisposed to chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease. The positive programming will also result in improved cognitive function for the baby. Evidence in the field of DOHaD science has demonstrated that stresses experienced in the womb – virtually all of which have roots in the social and physical environment — alter the structures of organs in the fetus, thus changing the expression of regulatory genes throughout one’s lifetime.

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